Initial Consultation and Treatment

Geriatrics (above 65 years old)S$170.00
Youths (below 24 years old and NSFs)S$160.00

Standard Consultation and Treatment

Geriatrics (above 65 years old)S$110.00
Youths (below 24 years old and NSFs)S$100.00

Wellness Care Plan (12 sessions) 20%

AdultsS$1200.00 (S$100/session)
Geriatrics (above 65 years old)S$1080.00 (S$90/session)
Youths (below 24 years old and NSFs)S$960.00 (S$80/session)

Short Term Care Plan (6 sessions) 10%

AdultsS$660.00 (S$110.00/sessions)
Geriatrics (above 65 years old)S$600.00 (S$100.00/sessions)
Youths (below 24 years old and NSFs)S$540.00 (S$90.00/sessions)

Additional Modalities

Graston TechniqueS$20.00
Ultrasound TherapyS$20.00
Interferential Therapy (IFC)S$20.00
Dry NeedlingS$20.00
Kinesio TapingS$15.00