Fears: Is it going to be painful?  

Reality: In short, chiropractic adjustments very rarely bring about any sort of pain. 

The “popping” sound that comes from an adjustment is the result of air bubbles being released from joints. It is similar to gas being released when you open a carbonated drink. 

The adjustment stimulates and releases endorphins, similar to how endorphins are released in the body when you exercise. You are bound to feel a sense of relief almost immediately instead of feeling any discomfort. 

The only “pain” or “discomfort” that you MIGHT experience is the soreness on the following day. Similar to an intense workout or massage, the soreness should pass rather quickly. 

Myths: Chiropractors are not real doctors! 

Reality: Even though chiropractors in Singapore are not regulated by government bodies, they are still Certified doctors because they hold a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. These professionals have trained extensively in this field of study to be able to carry out chiropractic adjustments that suit your concerns & needs. 

They have been licensed and have equipped themselves with extensive knowledge & skills. If you are concerned, you could always contact us here. We will do our best to answer your questions. 

Myths: Chiropractic sessions are expensive! 

Reality: The short answer is No. It can be really expensive if you don’t conduct extensive research on the charges of each chiropractic clinic.

You can head over HERE to see the type of packages and fees that will better suit your needs and concerns. We have a wide range of packages that suit youths, adults, and even geriatrics (above 65 years old). 

Quality medical treatments like these should be made available to everyone. We believe that necessities like these are essential for you to achieve the desired lifestyle that you need. 

Myths: I’ve just gotten into a Motor Vehicle Accident, but I do not have any broken bones. With prescribed medicines, my body should be able to heal on its own! 

Reality: No matter how big or small the accident was, aftercare should always be an important consideration. Having adjustments done by a chiropractor is one of the services that many should seek post-accident. 

Most of us would tend to seek a more passive process. However, the best course of ACTION after an auto accident is to take an active role. This is to ensure that you are healing well and properly. 

The reason why most of us DO NOT consider chiropractors is because we assume that they can only aid back & neck pain. In actual FACT, chiropractic care tackles many other issues such as joint problems, range of motion, sports injuries, headaches, etc. 

Remember: Injuries that are not addressed properly after accidents like this may result in it getting worse over time. 

If you have any doubts or questions, do contact us here and we will get back to you!