During pregnancy, a hormone (Relaxin) loosens the joints and ligaments of the pelvis to prepare the body for birth. It has also been known to stretch other joints and ligaments throughout your body, thus back pain or sciatica is developed. 

Additionally, as these ligaments loosen, your body’s centre of gravity is pulled forward by the growing baby. This also results in the lower back become over-stressed.

Over 85% of expecting mothers deals with back pain, and even over-the-counter medications can be risky to take. 

These medications have side effects, and they are often increased during pregnancy. NSAIDs is no exception, it can cross from mother to baby through the placenta and can influence the production of prostaglandins that promotes inflammation. It is estimated that NSAIDs can be linked to a 59% increased risk of miscarriage. 

How will YOU benefit from Chiropractic care? 

All in all, pregnancy is a special and unique time in a woman’s life. These changes can either help guide a successful birth process or wreak havoc on the backs and joints of our soon-to-be mothers. 

If an expecting mother like yourself or someone dear to you is looking to find natural and organic pain relief solutions, we are here to help you! Our non-invasive, safe, effective chiropractic treatment can help keep you active through all three trimesters! 

This is where we come to save the backs of our beloved expecting mothers. Spinal adjustments (Chiropractic Adjustments) by our chiropractors are: 

  • Highly Safe 
  • Effective
  • Non-invasive
  • Evidence-based option 

Additionally, our Chiropractors often provide specific exercise and stretching recommendations to ensure lasting results. 

A study by the Canadian Family Physician found that patients who received the much-needed care from both their OB-GYN and Chiropractor had a greater reduction in pain and an improved quality of life compared to those who only saw an OB-GYN alone. 

90% of women report a high level of satisfaction with receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy. We hope to be the ones to provide these “organic” healthcare services and chiropractic benefits to these expecting moms and allow us to be a part of your birth team.

Anticipating pregnancy? We are the natural, noninvasive care that you are looking for, and we are ready to hear your questions and provide the best recommendations for you! Do drop us a message here!

Four Steps to a Healthy Birth by WHO 

Despite the advances in medical science, many of these technological interventions used in modern maternity management doesn’t seem evidence-based. 

WHO recommends 4 care practises that promote, support, and protect the birth process: 

  1. Let labour begin on its own. Inducing labour can increase the risk of complications 
  2. Move and change positions during labour. Doing so helps the labour progress and may shorten the total labour time 
  3. Bring a loved one or Doula for support. This may reduce the likelihood of c-section 
  4. Avoid unnecessary interventions. Electronic monitoring hasn’t been shown to provide better outcomes and may increase the risk of c-section.