Cyclists are rampant everywhere – in fact cycling is one of the most popular sports in the world, with statistics estimating over two billion bikes in use around the world. It also makes up one-third of a triathlon that has seen a spike in popularity in recent years especially due to the formidable Ironman Triathlon races that take place in different major cities from time to time. Besides the health benefits cycling brings to our lives, have you thought about the negative externalities that are tagged to it as well?

Just as how hefty knocks and countless kilometres can loosen the spokes of your bicycle and make its tyres wobble, the wear and tear of such sports can pull your body out of alignment – which is something that chiropractors see pretty often. If you are an avid cyclist or simply a sport enthusiast, read on to find out the conditions and symptoms that may very well be speaking to you for the longest time but have gone neglected or unnoticed by you.

What are some of the tell-tale signs of my cycling injuries?

  1. Lower Back Pain (Lumbar Sprain)

Many cyclists suffer from a misaligned or subluxated lower back resulting from prolonged hours of intense cycling. Hunching over handlebars can stretch out your back muscles, which strips the spine of its natural and healthy curvature. This in turn causes strain on your vertebrae, especially those in the lower back (lumbar) region.

  1. Hand Pain/Numbness (Ulnar Neuropathy)

This condition is self-explanatory – it is a numbness or tingling sensation in the hands (commonly in the ring finger or pinky), which is caused by strenuous hours where you have been keeping your hands in the same position throughout long cycling sessions.

  1. Hip Pain (Piriformis Syndrome or Wallet Syndrome)

This condition causes pain or numbness down the legs or in the hips that results from overtraining and overworking the gluteus maximus muscles in your buttocks.

How will I benefit from Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is ideal for cyclists as besides correcting the above conditions, it can boost your general mobility, overall health and wellbeing as well. Such adjustments aid in improving movement within the vertebrae and alleviate pressure on your nervous system as they exit the spine, which in turn leads to more efficient bodily functions. They can also help prevent further injuries and the treated conditions from recurring easily. With a chiropractor’s help, you can maximise your health while also enhancing your endurance and stamina with a vision to increase your agility, efficiency and strength on the bike, on the go.

Know that pain and strain from biking injuries should not hinder you from enjoying one of your favourite hobbies. By integrating chiropractic care into your athletic lifestyle, rest assured that you can stay healthily in good shape moving forward. Speak to our chiropractors today to inquire about the chiropractic adjustments and treatments that is most optimal for you today and embark on your chiropractic journey.