Chiropractic Myths & Fears Explained

Fears: Is it going to be painful?   Reality: In short, chiropractic adjustments very rarely bring about any sort of pain.  The “popping” sound that comes from an adjustment is the result of air bubbles being released from joints. It is similar to gas being released when you open a carbonated drink.  The adjustment stimulates


Chiropractic: Expectations Vs Reality

POV: You’ve watched countless chiropractic cracking videos or “Before and After” videos of chiropractic patients. Most of us would assume that you will just need to come down for an appointment, allow the Chiropractor to adjust your back or neck, and you’d be sure to feel better permanently after a SINGLE session.  All these cracking,


Want to Step Up Your Ergonomic Workstation? You Need to Read This First

Ergonomic workstations in the office have always been a topic of interest about work productivity and efficiency. With the increased possibility of your work-from-home arrangements to be continued post-pandemic, having an ergonomic workstation at home is making more sense.  Ergonomics in a work setting refers to the optimisation of how we work. Combining our anatomy,


What Is Happening to My Body During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a hormone (Relaxin) loosens the joints and ligaments of the pelvis to prepare the body for birth. It has also been known to stretch other joints and ligaments throughout your body, thus back pain or sciatica is developed.  Additionally, as these ligaments loosen, your body’s centre of gravity is pulled forward by the